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Žarošická 4315/17
628 00, Brno - Židenice
Česká republika

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Martinská 360/2
110 00 Praha 1
Česká republika

GPS: 50.0828981N, 14.4191885E

At the Law Office of the Law Firm
Mgr. Ľudovít Pavela

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3H Group, s.r.o.
The manufacturing facilities for the group – its technical, engineering and sales sites focusing on customer relations and cooperation, and the execution of individual contracts.
informationwebCompany ID: 09736255
3H Property, s.r.o.
The ownership, management and development of commercial and industrial real estate, and asset utilisation optimisation. Generation, distribution and efficient utilisation of energy and energy resources.
informationwebCompany ID: 09737251
3H INVEST, s.r.o.
The creation of the business strategy for the group as a whole and its individual members, and the group organisational structure. Acquisitions and the management of new group projects, divisions or companies. Promotion and marketing.
informationwebCompany ID: 04890591

The group 3H is based in the Czech Republic and operates in the EU.
The group has worldwide partnerships.

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