Welcome to the 3H INVEST s.r.o. Website

3H INVEST is an integrated group of companies residing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We currently primarily specialize in business in the Infrastructure and Industry segments. The nature of our business, specializations, philosophy and strategy lends itself to further activities in the areas of Projects, Property Maintenance and Real Estate.

The 3H INVEST philosophy is to participate in the strategy management of all companies belonging to the group, utilizing the long-term experience of 3H INVEST s.r.o. founders and the most experienced colleagues from other companies belonging to the 3H INVEST s.r.o. group.

We are happy to put the experience gained in practice in our preferred segments into use by creating a strong, segment-aimed and strategically collaborative group of companies that mutually complement each other, both in terms of technologies and people.

We also remain open to other attractive opportunities in the form of potential acquisitions or interesting projects seeking a direct form of support or collaboration.

Segments of Activity



  • Design and diagnostic activity
  • Electric installations and energy services
  • General supplies in the fields of heat and cooling power engineering
  • Installation and maintenance of power-generating equipment
  • Modernization and general repair in the field of electric installations and energy services, heat and cooling power engineering



  • Production of pressure equipment and compressor aggregates
  • Production of complete pressure units or components for non-pressure vessels and boilers
  • Production of specialty machinery and production lines, machine parts, weldments, equipment and tools
  • Division and shaping of materials, welding, surface finishing
  • CNC bending of pipes and sections
  • Metal shaping, machining and welding



  • Industrial and interior design
  • Research and development
  • Special technical and development projects
  • Consulting in the area of strategic and project management
  • Company optimization
  • Integration of external companies and partners into project and strategic management of the 3H Invest group


Property Maintenance and Real Estate

  • Property maintenance for the individual companies in the group
  • Effective use of real estate, technologies and production equipment within the group
  • Property rentals
  • Collaboration with external partners and local authorities
  • Development, Investments and Layout


Žarošická 4315/17
628 00, Brno - Židenice