Welcome to the 3H Invest s.r.o. website

3H Invest is an integrated group of companies located within the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We currently focus primarily on the Infrastructure sector in its technical area, as well as our Industry sector, particularly the Mechanical Engineering and Automotive segments. In our Projects segment we use interdependent project activities to include such fields as industrial design, research and development, technical development and consulting. We aim to continue these key segments in the future.

Since founding 3H INVEST, s.r.o., we managed to bring into our group or launch several up-and-coming companies.

The 3H Invest philosophy is based on the strategic management of all companies included in the group, applying the long-term experience of 3H Invest s.r.o. founders.
We enjoy implementing the practical experience gained within our fields of interest to create a powerful, industrially targeted and strategically collaborative group of companies, where both people and technologies are complementary.

We remain open to other exciting opportunities such as potential acquisitions or interesting projects that are seeking out direct forms of support.

Key Focus



  • Electric-installation and energy services
  • General supplies in the field of heating and cooling energy
  • Installation and maintenance of power-supply equipment



  • Mechanical Engineering:
    • Production of pressure equipment and compressor aggregates
    • Production of sets and components for pressure vessels and boilers
    • Production of machine parts, instruments, tools and their repairs
    • Division and forming of material, welding and surface treatments
  • Automotive:
    • CNC bending of pipes and sections
    • Shaping
    • Metal machining and welding



  • Industrial design
  • Research and development
  • Special technical projects
  • Consulting in the area of strategic management and the optimization of projects and companies


Property Management and Real Estate

  • Správa majetku a nemovitostí jednotlivých společností skupiny
  • Efektivní využívání nemovitostí, technologií a výrobních prostředků v rámci skupiny
  • Pronájem nemovitostí
  • Spolupráce s externími partnery a lokálními autoritami
  • Rozvoj, Investice a Layout


Žarošická 4315/17
628 00, Brno - Židenice