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Segments of operations

  • Heating and cooling power engineering, electrical installation and energy services
  • Diagnostics, engineering and design services
  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing of supplied equipment
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  • Components for and complete vessels and boilers, compressor sets
  • Manufacturing machine parts, weldments, devices and tools, CNC manufacturing
  • Manufacturing special machines, lines and equipment, automation
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  • Management and effective utilisation of group assets
  • Consulting for strategic and project management
  • Company optimisation, acquisitions and development
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ATC Styl s.r.o.
One-off, low-volume and medium-volume custom manufacturing of precision machine parts from drawings or specifications in CAD models delivered by the customer.
informationwebCompany ID: 26279193
ATC Styl Property, s.r.o.
Manages the real estate of group of companies ATC Styl
informationwebCompany ID: 05945038
Elektromont Brno, akciová společnost
Comprehensive solutions for all parts of the electrical engineering sector, both low-voltage and high-voltage areas. Installation of measurement and control systems, process automation and control.
informationwebCompany ID: 24319139
Elektromont SK, s.r.o.
Complete electrical installation work in diagnostics, design, low-voltage, high-voltage, automation, measurement and regulation.
informationwebCompany ID: 45249385
Energo Choceň, s.r.o.
Manufacture and delivery of cooling equipment and other engineering technologies. Units, modules and other components designed for specific applications. General deliveries for cooling for specific use cases according to the precise needs of the customer.
informationwebCompany ID: 25932420
Foundry Technologies, s.r.o.
Custom manufacturing for foundry, engineering and metallurgical companies. Component and comprehensive deliveries for projects, manufacturing documentation, manufacturing and final assembly, including servicing and spare parts.
informationwebCompany ID: 05945119
Foundry Projects and Services Sagl
Creation of conceptual designs, feasibility studies, engineering and design, and front-end systems. Assistance and support for tenders and the subsequent implementation of orders.
informationwebCompany ID: CHE-364.669.779
IMF Project s.r.l.
informationCompany ID: IT-05599200960
SEA Kolín s.r.o.
Design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of industrial boilers. Pressure and vacuum equipment. Steam-locomotive repair. Control systems.
informationwebCompany ID: 04608712
SEA Zlín s.r.o.
Design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of industrial boilers.
informationwebCompany ID: 04608739
Tvarmetal s.r.o.
Bending pipes, welded and assembled parts. Design and manufacture of tools, special machines and equipment. Automation. Thermal insulation for piping.
informationwebCompany ID: 27493202
Meyto s.r.o.
Designer furniture and interior accessories.
informationwebCompany ID: 06388540
Special equipment for agriculture.
informationwebCompany ID: Projekt

The group 3H is based in the Czech Republic and operates in the EU.
The group has worldwide partnerships.

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