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3H Property, s.r.o.
The ownership, management and development of commercial and industrial real estate, and asset utilisation optimisation. Generation, distribution and efficient utilisation of energy and energy resources.
informationwebCompany ID: 09737251
ATC Styl Property, s.r.o.
Manages the real estate of group of companies ATC Styl
informationwebCompany ID: 05945038
IMF Project s.r.l.
informationCompany ID: IT-05599200960

Group structure

3H Group
3H Group
3H Property
3H Property
3H Invest
3H Invest
  • engineering
  • manufacturing and general deliveries
  • sales and customer relations
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  • asset ownership and management
  • asset utilisation optimisation
  • energy services
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  • business strategy
  • organisation and development
  • promotion and marketing
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The group 3H is based in the Czech Republic and operates in the EU.
The group has worldwide partnerships.

60+ mil EUR

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